CJ's Writing Room


Welcome to my writing portfolio. Throughout this semester I have worked to develop my writing as well as learn ways to apply everything I was learning to a classroom. ┬áHere you will find samples of my writing as well as pieces for use in a writing classroom. Below is a brief description of what you’ll find on each page.

This page contains my questions for leading discussion, as well as the responses from several of my classmates.

Here there will be links to various pdf documents including my midterm self-evaluation, elements of my Writing Partner’s Project, scanned images from my writers’ notebook, my lifemap, teaching artifact, final evaluation, etc.

For the Classroom
As the title suggests, this page contains anything that could be used in a classroom. On the left side of the page is a list of categories to sort the posts. Categories include: Book Precis, Video, Music, Writing and Writing Prompts.

Here you will find links to various outside sites that I have included as part of my portfolio, including my Writing Prompts board on Pinterest and our Multi-Genre Project (A written discussion of the multi-genre project is posted on the Documents page).

My Writing
This page has links to pdf documents of the writing pieces I have chosen to include in my porfolio.

Online Posts
A collection of my discussion responses posted on Desire2Learn.