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Me GG BridgeBW1My name is Charissa, and I am a graduate student working towards my Master’s in English Literature. I am currently planning on graduating in December. I love reading and writing, and spend most of my free time doing one or the other. I am also an avid consumer of various other forms of media, from music to television and film. My goal is to someday become a published author. I also plan on becoming a professor after my graduation. I have not yet decided whether I will definitely continue my education to the doctorate level, but it remains a possibility. I do know that whatever path I choose, I intend to be successful.

Where I’m From
by Charissa D. Jelliff

I am from Legos and Little People, Playskool, Mattel and Atari,
From “When your powers combine,” Fraggle Rock and My Little Pony
I am from Barbie and Cabbage Patch dolls, She-Ra and Rainbow Brite
From Teddy Ruxpin tales, Alf and Glow Worms at night

I am from the smell of sawdust in my father’s wood shop
From lilacs, hydrangeas and the perfect reading spot
Nestled in the arm of my favorite walnut tree.
I’m from the sound of a guitar playing as I fall asleep.

I am from ornament exchanges and excellent bakers,
From family reunions and annual doll makers.
I am from Robert and Alverda sometimes called Sally
and a witch hung in Salem named Mary Esty.

I am from avid readers, control freaks and stay at home mothers.
From pick up your toys and don’t fight with your brother.
I am from memory verses, Bible camp and Sunday school;
From Jesus loves me this I know and don’t forget the golden rule.

I’m from Pine Creek Gorge and old dirt roads, boiled dinners and peanut brittle;
From my brother’s scarred wrist pushed through glass when he was little.
I am from the model airplanes built and flown by my grandfather
and the bear hide my uncles used to terrify my young mother.

I am from the bits and pieces of this life told in part
through books and papers and refrigerator art,
From photos, clothes and favorite toys up there
in the attic at the top of the stairs.


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