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Introduction Prompts

The “Where I’m From” poem template would be a great way to get students thinking outside the box early in the semester and to introduce themselves to their classmates. Students could have the option of following the template, or coming up with something on their own that would fulfill the introduction part of the prompt.

Introduction Writing Prompts


Writing Prompts

Below is a collection of writing prompts provided by classmates throughout the semester.

Humor Writing Mentor Texts and Prompts

Flash Fiction Mentor Texts and Prompt

Flash Fiction Mentor Texts

Haiku Mentor Texts and Writing Prompt

Poetry Mentor Texts

Travel Writing Mentor Texts and Prompts

The Storymatic Box



       The Storymatic can be an excellent tool in the classroom, providing an almost limitless supply of writing prompts for students. It will help them step out of their boxes and write about things they may never have even thought about previously. I know from experience cards from this box that seem to have nothing to do with each other – and which you may think you know nothing about – could turn into complete stories.